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These days, the way to see Bonaventure Cemetery and others in the city, is by taking a Private Day Tour with Shannon Scott. His public tours are still great, but due to the demand of his Private Day Tour schedule, its becoming more and more the way to ensure you’re touring with the man himself! Make no mistake, the daytime public tours remain amazing with Shannon’s guides in his stead, but if you want the horse’s mouth tour, give yourself the privilege of scheduling with him today! Private Daytime Tours allow you the space to ask the questions you want to ask and to some degree, having a tour that is tailor made for you! So whether its just a want to see Bonaventure or more cemeteries over the period of a day or two, click this link to read more and BUY YOUR TOUR!

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15 thoughts on “Private Bonaventure & Cemetery Tours

  1. Shannon
    I’ve taken your after dark tour of the cemetery and have family from the west coat in town. Is there any possibly you could give 8 people a private tour this Saturday after dark. I know you have a 5 o’clock but was hoping for something later. If not, do you still have room at the 5:00 tour.

  2. Hi if you are giving Debbie’s group a tour would you accept 2 more tag alongs tomorrow night? We have a condo on Skidaway Rd and are here for the next week. Thanks, Jodi

  3. Hi! We are going to be in Savannah the 10, 11, 12, 2015 Do you have any private night tours we during that time that we might be able to tag along on? I am hoping as a fellow Eastern Illinoisian that maybe you do???

    • Hi Amber! Thanks for the inquiry. Unless you’re ordering your own Private After Hours, all that is on the regular calendar are daytime but those are great. You just go to to buy the Private Tour option at 2pm. They’re around 2.5-3 hours and flies by fast as its a big place and I keep the energy WAY up the whole time I assure! Now if you want the evening event, from a 5pm to 8pm Privately, I’m happy to discuss that with you via phone but will tell you, that unless you’ve a group of 8 people or more, it comes with a price tag that isn’t everyone’s budget. I do them all of the time for couples and groups, but they also realize the privilege and the value for having one of the world’s most famous Victorian cemeteries opened up just for them. Its not limo life money so to speak, but its not inexpensive either.

  4. We are hoping to do a private tour, 8 people 4/25/15. I know you recommend 2-4 on your private tour. What are your terms for a larger group?

  5. Shannon, just want to thank you again for the amazing tour today. You are an excellent orator of the historical significance of the Bonaventure Cemetary. One question…on the tour you mentioned purchasing a map but my wife and I were unable to purchase in the main house. Is there a website we can purchase the map of the Cemetary from?

    Thank you again,

    Stephen & Lori

  6. Shannon,

    My fiance and I have done a Bonaventure tour with you in the past. We had an amazing time! We are getting married in Savannah on April 7, 2018 and we want to make it a weekend to remember – starting with a tour of Bonaventure. Would it be possible to set up a private tour for 10-15 people April 5, 2018?

  7. Hi Shannon,

    my wife and I are arriving April 7th and want to take the after hours tour that evening. I was wondering if there is the tour and dinner going on that night, or just the tour? would love to do both to start our vacation off proper

    thank you, Ron

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