Take The Private Tour of Your Lives (of The Dead!)

Lots of people recognize me for pioneering tours & events in Bonaventure Cemetery and that my tour is the one “to take,” but many out there are unaware that one of the ways I made being out there so attractive is by offering Private Tours of Bonaventure & Greenwich Cemeteries. I consider this the ultimate cemetery insider tour and something that should be seriously thought about when contemplating how you wish to spend your time there. Naturally its lovely to be crowds of 10-20 people but some are looking for that “extra special” experience and with me, the horse’s mouth. In addition, Bonaventure is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a whole city of cemetery touring to be had! Bonaventure is great, but for locals, cemeteries like Laurel Grove North (& South), Colonial Park & the Catholic Cemetery have big appeal. So these can be tailor made to satisfy the cemetery aficionados out there for sure! These tours can be big Q&A kinds of things and can often share details that a larger crowd just can’t be privy too. They aren’t everyone’s budget but I assure you that you get what you pay for in terms of personalism, information and nuance mixed up with storyist craft at its finest! There may also be a cemetery nut in your life? Treat them to a gift certificate of some kind! Get your tickets here!


6 thoughts on “Take The Private Tour of Your Lives (of The Dead!)

  1. I love it. Your way of describing things makes people feel as though they are there during that time period. Whether it be in person or through words on paper you are truly gifted.

  2. When i come back to beautiful Savannah …i want to do this private deal lol ..i wouldnt even need to ask any questions Shannon would answer ever one ..i kept telling myself on his tour how can he remember all this info ..smart,great storyteller,brilliant..You rock SS..

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