Cancellation Policies


Shannon Scott Tours is a specialty product offering the highest quality story & personalized private and public tours and events possible. The refund policies reflect this fact, even if we understand life’s mishaps. In general, tours are “Rain or Shine,” and go out with little exception. Shannon Scott reserves the right to cancel or change the time of your event if there is something happening at a destination that places the success of the event in conflict like funerals, weddings, war memorial ceremonies or severe weather.

Public or General Bonaventure Daytime Tours:  

Cancellations & Refunds Fall Under This Ticket Template
1-4* Persons = 24 Hours
5-10* Persons = 48 Hours
11 & Up = Group Tour Policies Apply

*For under 10 or fewer tickets, we do permit future use or rescheduling for a future tour or are seen as “Good Until Redeemed.” Tickets may also be gifted or used by friends or family using original reservation name. While rather easy to “re-book” generally, please bear in mind for “rebooking” tickets as these are defined, a tour must already be on the books for rebooking purposes and a tour cannot be created around just your unused or original tickets.

Private Daytime Tours: (1 to 10 Guests)
If you cancel more than 7 Days before your private tour a fee of $30.00 will be charged for each participant. If you cancel within 48 hours, no refund fees will be provided. We do our best to accommodate a “rebooking,” but it is schedule dependent. For groups of 11 or more, please see our Private Group Tour Policies.

Public Bonaventure After Hours:
Refunds are only granted in situations where reservations are nominal or severe weather or a competing event like a wedding or funeral impacts our ability to green light this tour. In that event we contact you as soon as possible. Otherwise, All Sales Are Final. If you cannot make the tour for any reason, you may reschedule but advise that daytime tours are easier to apply original tickets to vs After Hours which can fluctuate and is more seasonal.

Private Bonaventure After Hours:(1 to 10 People)
As special fees & arrangements are made in advance of this event to secure cemetery, our policy has reflecting restrictions. Within this transaction total there is what we consider “the deposit” that is defined as $250.00 of the transaction. Any cancellation occurring 7 Days or less before tour, this fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from your total refund. Cancellation of the Private After Hours Tour 48 hours or less is 100% non-refundable.

Private Large Group Tours:
Generally Private Group Tour Arrangements & Cancellation Notes are noted in invoices and ticket confirmations of said events. Please refer to them.