Cancellation Policies

CANCELLATION POLICIES – Learn them, Know them.

Unlike a company where there are dozens of guides, Shannon Scott is a specialty product and experience offering the highest quality story & personalized private and public events possible. Therefore, the refund policies reflect this fact, even as much as we understand the accidental, the human, Acts of God, the forgetful, etc. In general, events are “Rain or Shine,” and go out with little exception. Shannon Scott reserves the right to cancel or change the time of your event if there is something happening at a destination that places the success of the event in conflict. Ex: a funeral at the cemetery.

“NO SHOWS”: All credit card secured transactions are for the purpose of guaranteeing our participation and yours. If you do not show, the card is charged for the full, agreed upon or listed amount. We do our best to honor those tickets for a later event, but they are event & schedule dependent and cannot be guaranteed beyond the first arrangement or scheduled tour.

Private Daytime: If you are a group of 10 or less, you must cancel within 7 days of your pre-paid reservation date. Your tickets can be honored at a future date in many cases, but it is schedule dependent. If you are 10 or more, it must occur within 2 weeks of that date and we will attempt to accommodate you at a future time.

Private Evening Paranormalist: The same rules of the Private Daytime excursions apply.

Private Evening Bonaventure After Hours: Because the City of Savannah does not issue refunds for our investment to create this unique event, there are NO REFUNDS. We will do our best to honor a future event but it is schedule dependent.

Public Bonaventure After Hours: The same rules of Private Evening Bonaventure After Hours rules apply.

GIFTING OR TRANSFERRING UNUSED TICKETS: You may inquire about permitting individuals other than original purchaser to utilize your unredeemed tickets. It may also be possible that if you miss a Friday event, that your ticket could be applied to a Saturday event. All of these requests must be placed to

VOUCHERS & “Daily Deals”: We love our Living Social & GroupOn customers just as much as our regular. How much? To the point, that more often than not, we will honor the voucher investment beyond expiration dates, and at times, even allowing purchasers to switch up for other dates, times or events. Even so, we understand that many of these are purchased excitedly at an impulse level, and often without reading the fine print which explicitly states, “Subject To Availability” or “Reservations Are Required.” We cannot be held responsible if purchasers call the day before, or the day of an event, and in the end, find that they cannot be accommodated due to there not being enough people to merit an event at the desired time, or that Shannon Scott was booked privately. Keep in mind that by contrast, a general bus & pedestrian company, can accommodate voucher buyers left and right because they have a stable of buses, guides & times to make it work for them. Shannon Scott is one person, one very special host, and thus, has an exclusive product with an exclusive schedule. So yes, there is an extra “dance” involved to make it all come together and we appreciate everyone’s advance understanding and patience. If you are reading this and are frustrated by your purchase because you did not have these things in mind, or only came to appreciate the dynamics after the fact, we certainly empathize with you and would respectfully request that you contact the voucher provider as most of them will happily refund your money. We hope to earn your business at a future date under more ideal circumstances and thank you. It is also important to note that if you commit your voucher use for a specific event date & time, and you do not show, that voucher is considered NULL & VOID.