GivingTuesday For The Bonaventure Historical Society




Although I’ve reservations about some of the controllers and operation tactics of PayPal & Facebook, one has to give credit where its due and there’s no denying how both came together along with the obvious support of the cemetery’s loyal fans to help The Bonaventure Historical Society. When I saw that Facebook and PayPal would be matching funds donated for the first 7 million dollars raised, naturally I sprang into action and launched Gracie’s #GivingTuesday Fundraiser and made the first donation just to see what might happen. Well I couldn’t have been more pleased obviously when I saw us make the $500 goal and then exceeded it by another $245.00. I am unsure if we fell into the “match” areas or not but at minimum, $745.00 wasn’t half bad for a day out with the dead. And in such a small city like Savannah where it lacks overall population, a broad youthful one at that, and then city laws and those budget constraints, every bit extra helps. For some time now, I’ve been adding a donation button to many of my Facebook posts as its an easy thing to add asking for contributions to The Bonaventure Historical Society and also reminds me to donate when I’ve got the spare change! The sad epilogue for me though was learning that the Director, Lee Maltenfort had passed away unexpectedly in August of 2018. As I was visiting my family in Illinois, I received the news rather late and was bummed to think I could not share the good news with him. But in my own way #GivingTuesday, Dec 3, 2018 dedicated to Lee, who was so passionate for Bonaventure like no other really and he will be sorely missed. Like Bonaventure Cemetery itself, Lee Maltenfort was one of a kind and irreplaceable. I’ll write about him soon and Rest In Peace Mr. Maltenfort. We’ll carry on the good work. Please consider making a donation in his name or joining at

From Left, Greeter Stacy Doty (RIP), Lee Maltenfort (RIP) and Lee’s lovely widow, Judy.


Martha Stewart Calls Shannon Scott “The South’s Greatest Storyteller”

As a former chef and current green thumb with his own penchant for decorating, I can now say that life is a little greener with Martha Stewart being such a good sport when signing her book, “MARTHA’S FLOWERS”  to me as if “The South’s Greatest Storyteller” were my middle name! Its actually Spencer but for the sake of this moment, let us all pretend.  Martha’s “people” were made curious by it for sure and to be completely honest — its true — Martha has yet to tweet her whimsical compliment or say it anywhere else publicly to my knowledge, but hey, I’ll take what I can get inside of a book flap from The MacGyver of Home Economics! 


Martha thinking about her Bonaventure picnic…dreamy ain’t she?

Martha doesn’t know it yet, but one day we’re going to do a show where we cook and prepare a picnic, and then embracing the tradition of The Victorians and their Rural Cemetery Movement, we’re going to head out to The South’s Most Famous Cemetery, Bonaventure! We will dine on biscuits with Green Pepper Jelly and I will tantalize with both my gazpacho and my tales of those gone by and if we do it up right, we’ll start a whole revival craze of picnicking in cemeteries! Then we’ll text each other months later about the good times we shared! Oh wait — I’m sorry — was I getting carried away there for a second?

Perfect time of year to picnic in Bonaventure, jus (2)

Photographer Jerome Wilson & Friends In Bonaventure 1860s


Oh Martha, you shouldn’t have! (Special Thanks To My Accomplice, A.N.)


Go Buy This Book! Its a stunner!