LOVE, TRUTH & STORIES Poster by Shannon Scott



This striking 18 x 12 poster by Shannon Scott was conceived because Bonaventure and most Victorian cemeteries are full of both hidden and visible emblems of secret societies of many kinds. One of the more predominant, charitable and also had much to do with the formation and function of America’s cemeteries, were The Odd Fellows and their sister offshoot, The Order of Rebekah. This poster art is heavy with their symbols along with some hints of Bonaventure as with The Little Gracie statue. We’d tell you the meaning of the others but we feel that its more fun once receiving the poster, to do some homework and discover them on your own just as The Victorians themselves would have done. Much like the secret society philosophy or that of Egypt’s mystery schools, you must do the work to earn the knowledge!

Remember to provide us with your mailing address and also if you want the poster generally signed or signed to a certain person in your life! Thank you!

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Dimensions 12 × 18 in


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