America’s Most Haunted City (Savannah) Part One – Featuring Shannon Scott


This 2 Hour DVD & Soundtrack features Shannon Scott capturing his haunted Savannah in his own storytelling documentary style!

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In 2002, Shannon Scott (Scariest Places On Earth, GHOST HUNTERS, MTV’s FEAR), on behalf of Savannah, accepted the prestigious “America’s Most Haunted City” Award from parapsychology’s most funded field research group, The American Institute of Parapsychology. Between 2001 & 2002, significant levels of poltergeist phenomenon had been documented and ultimately the award took Savannah from modestly known haunted town to worldwide recognition!


Shannon Scott, in his first feature film, takes the viewer behind the scenes to demonstrate how Savannah earned its haunted credentials from a very personal perspective and behind the scenes in never before observed haunted locations with exclusive stories from friends, neighbors and himself!

This nearly 2 hour film w/EXTRA Section covers the following: Colonial Park Cemetery, The Man In Blue, The City Hotel of 1820, Oatland Island, Karacostas Home, Hampton Lillibridge House, Laura’s Cottage and more! The EXTRAS section offers EVP samples, visual phenomenon captured and an interview with esteemed parapsychologist, Dr. Andrew Nichols. The Soundtrack with 12 original tracks by Edwin Brown was created around conversations with Shannon Scott and is music inspired by haunted Savannah!


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