PRIVATE City Ghost Tours

Get out of the public ghost tour fray and into an Exclusive Private Ghost Tour with the man who started it all — Shannon Scott!

We’re not here to disparage what other companies offer or the industry as a whole, but we have created Private Ghost Tours as an alternative because there are people who don’t want to be in a horde of 50 random strangers. They also want to be with a talented entertainer and host who comes from a background of personal experiences inside of haunted Savannah. Its really that simple and if that speaks to you we cannot say enough about this tour! The tour lasts 3 hours on the minimum (we’re quality watchers not clock). Because our tours are THAT exclusive, we do not publish what sites you will see during the experience but they will be conducted in Savannah’s Historic District and sometimes other neighborhoods! If you want to know more specifics, please email and those specifics can be related in a phone call directly. See our BIO below for a bigger picture of the company history and insight to what the tour will entail. TOURS REQUIRE 24 HOURS NOTICE!

PRICING “Half Day” (3 Hours) (2 to 6 people) $450.00
PRICING “Full Day” (5 Hours) (2 to 6 People) $750.00

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If you’re seeking to Privately Tour w/Shannon Scott in a ghost tour capacity, please go HERE. Scroll to details mid-page about the ghost tour. They do have different tour particulars and pricing structure so read carefully. Click BOOK NOW to see calendar. Then you buy the HALF DAY or FULL DAY experience and identify your desired time frame. Generally the HALF DAY tour will suffice. The Private Ghost Tour which can be done by DAY or EVENING.

Shannon’s Storymobile!

In the early 1990s, Shannon Scott become a historian and journalist of Savannah’s paranormal history by interviewing locals, parapsychologists, demonologists, religious leaders and anyone that had done work in their field in Savannah, including those involved with witchcraft and the occult. In terms of science, these interviews and collaborations were with the top in their field’s and some in a celebrity capacity. This was done in the footsteps of Savannah Spectre’s author, Margaret Wayt Debolt and fellow researcher and the father of ghost tours in Savannah, Jack Richards. Shannon however took the research out of the book formula you could say and family ghost tour tradition and created a more sophisticated ghost tour in 1995. This had not been yet seen in the industry anywhere and rarely seen since. He would come to pass on this knowledge in respects to particular people he gave blessing to represent his work in the halls of haunted Savannah. Between 1999 & 2006, Shannon lent his research talents and appearance ones to Scariest Places On Earth, MTV’s Fear, ABC Family’s Real Scary Stories, Ghost Hunters, Coast2CoastAM and many network specials. In 2002, Shannon Scott was the recipient of the coveted America’s Most Haunted City Award from The American Institute of Parapsychology, the highest funded organization in the history of the science. He was named Georgia Sectional Director in honor of his past work.