PRIVATE Bonaventure After Hours

Private Nighttime Tours of Bonaventure Cemetery

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  • Tour with Shannon Scott privately in Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Get “Taboo Tales” & Forbidden History not done on other tours
  • Receive Signed Poster Artwork from Shannon Scott
  • Tour Requires Ideally 48 Hours Pre-Booking
  • for questions
  • Historic District & Tybee Transport Included (Up to 6 People)
  • Tour Good For 1 to 10 People
  • 5PM to 8PMĀ 
  • Significant Portion of Funds Goes Back Into Cemetery Preservation!
  • Total = $750.00

Are you an elite taphophile? (A lover of old cemeteries) Thinking about becoming one and want to jump in head first? This is your event! You’re in Strange-vannah so why go normal? Go home with the biggest bragging rights possible by having The South’s most famous Victorian Cemetery opened up for you and your friends, family or corporate group! And led by Savannah’s most legendary, rebel storyteller, Shannon Scott!

While inside, Shannon will open your eyes to the mysteries of the grounds which during the day are veiled to the average person. But the hidden meanings and sights will be revealed! You’ll discover the secrets of the Freemasons which are hidden among a myriad of tombs and other mystical monuments. Hear of Prohibition and Bonaventure’s connection to the major bootlegging families and bigger world gangsters and their crimes. See where the root doctor, Lady Minvera performed conjuh’ spells on behalf of her client Jim Williams from “Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil” and other relative character burial sites! Did we mention you’ll be shown live ritual sites? Yes! Throw in a romance gone brutally wrong along with a serial killer story with a Houdini twist and you’re in for a mind blowing sensory overload story night out!

Private Group Tours of Bonaventure Cemetery

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