Embrace Your Inner Prometheus

by Shannon Scott

“He(The King) has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”                                                                       — The Declaration of Independence

“We’re all on the plantation now.” — Dick Gregory

Prometheus had discovered that The Gods were keeping things from the world. He had a greater sense of his own inner nature of freedom and the fires of nature that were destined to him and man by design. And that The Gods were holding out for themselves. So they punished him by chaining him to a rock and every day an Eagle or Vultures, came to eat his innards out. His substance. It would heal back and before he could enjoy the pleasure of “being” in this world and doing shall we say, the birds returned for their feast and he relives the agony.


Government is kind of brilliant for those who seek to use it to control a population or better said, a group of individuals from succeeding. If you layer the road with enough laws, from the absurd minute to the larger authoritarian, as a layman, you might as well be a bee making an attempt to fly threw your own honey. Bureaucrats make the road just sticky enough in ways, some patches seemingly so slight, but the more that begins to stick to your legs as you move, the less incentive there is to move along through it and the heavier you get and the less fight you have in you to make it a go. Sure there are government leeches who get off on the power, but generally government is a tool set up by the most elite to keep anyone else in the pack from succeeding. The philosophy is almost one of, “Keep them back their fighting and woeing, as I keep advancing.” Or “we,” which is typically the case of elite families. What government seeks is to create sustenance through eating ours. Remember that the next time you hear a politician speak of social justice through taxation. Remember that next time you feel over worked and underpaid and its just like, “you can’t get ahead.” Its by design and then some, believe government is the absolute answer to everything. Those are very dangerous people. Regardless of how soft spoken, mild mannered or sweet they may look, or how blind they are to their own ends — they are the birds of prey who will eat your substance out.

“Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem”  Translation: I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

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About Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott, aka, "The Bard of Bonaventure," or "The Storyist," is a 30 year resident of Savannah, Georgia and easily Savannah's best known storyteller at this point in his career. Scott has worked for national TV shows like, "Scariest Places On Earth," "Ghost Hunters," and produced his own documentary, "America's Most Haunted City" about Savannah, Georgia. As a vehicle, Shannon utilizes the story of cemeteries like Bonaventure, to commentate on symbolic language, art, burial traditions, secret societies, politics, romance, ritual traditions of many cultures and really the greater connections to the history of the world and present-day life.