Dinner & A Cemetery

Tour the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah GA

Groups From 20 to 50 (Max)
Question & Answer Feature Foodie Dinner w/Shannon Scott
See Amazing Antiques & Ritual Objects Connected To Bonaventure
Guests Receive Signed Artwork, Documentary & Other “Swag”
Tier A Tours Include Gorgeous, High End Cotton T-Shirts!
Inquiries: shannon@shannonscott.com or 912.604.4423
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This is an ideal outing for travel professionals, that social club, photography group, naturalist group, church group, non-profit or whatever unique organization is looking for the ultimate out-of-the-box event experience! Part soulful story fare, meets foodie feast!

This is where storyist Shannon Scott let’s it all hang out as far as his Special Reserve Taboo Tales & Forbidden Topics. Arguably his most personalized and deeply personal tour. Its tailor made for average history buffs while going deep into realms other storytellers in Savannah just won’t touch. Guests will learn how carved symbols are not just the secret language of cemeteries but the entire history of the known world. They’ll hear & see aspects of Secret Societies that go way beyond Dan Brown and how Freemasonry in America was founded in Savannah. Our clients eyes pop when they realize that symbols they’ve seen their whole lives suddenly come to life in entirely new ways. No culture is more mysterious than the Gullah-Geechee African culture and how Bonaventure is their courtroom and how the novel-film, “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil” brought this unique culture into the public spectacle. Shannon is well familiar with their people, their indigenous language and one of the tour treats is being show active root magic ritual sites. Which for fans of the novel-film, this is a tailor made treat as so much of Bonaventure is central to it and Shannon tells all at the graves of actual “characters.” As noble as many burials are, some Bonaventure residents have a very seedy past and the 4 bootlegging families from The Prohibition Era are no exception. Shannon shares their sordid connections to The Kennedys, Lucchese Crime Family and shows you the graves of those tied to their endeavors didn’t always end well and some rather violently. Perhaps one of Bonaventure’s least known influences or correlations is in regards to Harry Potter and how without the tragic life story of another Savannah writer, we would not know J.K. Rowling’s boy wizard story in the same way. Without giving away too much about this story rich tour experience, Bonaventure has a doozy of a Houdini family story with a serial killer twist and psychical ending that is sure to fascinate and told from a very personal perspective as much of Shannon’s stories are which is what makes Dinner & A Cemetery so unique among many choices in Savannah and impossible to duplicate!

As Shannon Scott was also a chef in his life running a gourmet city deli, working in a private club and finally publishing The Foodies Guide, he’s brought a special flair to the cuisine side of this event! The Q&A dinner has a set menu by a local foodie favorite hub near Bonaventure. Menus can be tailored and discussed in advance, including those with special dietary needs.

Group Tours of Bonaventure Cemetery

A natural question, “What is the difference between the Tier A & Tier B Tours?” Clients quickly learn that no one packs it in like Shannon in 2 hours. But adding an added hour in a cemetery that’s over 200 acres? You’re not just getting a couple of extra stories at that point, you’re getting VOLUMES! A quick search of reviews for this tour you’ll also read that a common comment is, “I hadn’t even realized 3 hours had passed.” That’s the difference. Shannon commands attention and makes time vanish. You know you’re good when people don’t want to leave. We’re the first to admit that at first glance, 3 Hours “sounds” like a lot, but trust us, once you or your guests are inside of the experience, the whole thing makes complete sense. We’re not kidding when we say this is an EPIC story event! It really just comes down to your time priorities but is also an easy way to fill up a schedule for travel planners and they’ll thank you for it!

Tier A: 3 Hour Cemetery & 1 Hour Exhibit Dinner: $165.00 Per Person
Tier B: 2 Hour Cemetery & 1 Hour Exhibit Dinner: $145.00 Per Person

Tier A Tour Only

Tier A Tour Only