Colonial Park Cemetery God’s Acre Tour

Shannon Scott’s Original 1990’s Tour That Started Everything!

“Hedged in by city streets and tradition blest lies a sleeping township…”                                                                          – Elfrida De Renne Barrow

  • Savannah’s Oldest Extant Cemetery, c 1750
  • Origin of “Savannah, the city built on top of its own dead”
  • 2 Declaration of Independence Signers
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s Great Great Grandfather
  • Nathanael Greene & George Washington Greene
  • Encampments by both British Army & Union Army
  • Mass Yellow Fever Graves
  • Dueling Grounds
  • Gullah Geechee Ritual Grounds & Burial Areas
  • Old City Jail & Poet Conrad Aiken Discussions
  • Private Daytime & After Hours Also Available

Located in the heart of the town grid of 24 city squares there’s sits an unofficial 25th called Colonial Park Cemetery and serves as the biggest story spot in the whole Historic District! The grounds defy time as the oldest patch of public land one can visit in Savannah and where you’ll see and touch materials far older than the Victorian city that now surrounds! During Savannah’s primitive hours, this is where every town meeting, picnic, wedding, duel and public execution was conducted! Eventually it would be the final resting place of warriors of Independence, duelists, merchants, priests, paupers, soldiers and just about every character that gave blood sweat and tears to the early colony and later nation. Sadly it would be the mass graves of thousands of Yellow Fever victims that resulted in the closure of the place in 1853. Had the Daughters of The American Revolution and Columbia University not saved it from demolition in 1902 there’d be no tour for us to give you!

Discussions will include the adjoining “Negro Burial Ground,” Poet Conrad Aiken Birthplace, The Old City Jail, dueling grounds, The Hanging Tree & along with the fascinating ritual use of the cemetery by area Root Doctors accompanied by eyeopening visual aides per their shamanism.

Colonial Park c.1904

Root Doctors Found “Powah” in Colonial Park & Still Do!

The Cemetery Within The Forest City of The South