Oryol i Reshka (“Heads Or Tails) My appearance on Ukraine’s Biggest TV Show

I love Russian & Ukrainian history, film, art, people & especially many of the women who clearly are the offspring of The Nephilim that mated with humans long ago. Although I’ve been told by Russians themselves that if I marry one I should sleep with one eye open. Anyway….I don’t speak Russian so the enjoyment of this episode is that they filmed Savannah with such greatness and during a beautiful week to film it apparently. Savannah’s founder, Oglethorpe even fought along side of Peter The Great, so its great that Savannah is honing its Russian connections. The show has 35 million viewers a week, and was created by 4 friends that originally just wanted to figure out a way to travel the world and ended up with this monster hit. The premise is that one Russian film or TV celebrity and then one of the show’s “regular” hosts, flips a coin. Depending on the flip, one person gets to have an unlimited budget while in town, and the other gets to do the place on $100.00 basically. Which is cool I think because Savannah can really be done that way and keeps places appealing to a wide variety of people. Naturally I and the hostess from Kiev, had some fun in a nearby cemetery. And yes, we had our clothes on! Oh the minds of you people! I don’t appear until about 20 or so minutes in and kind of briefly but enough to make it fun.

4 thoughts on “Oryol i Reshka (“Heads Or Tails) My appearance on Ukraine’s Biggest TV Show

    • Thanks for the update. All I know is that their crew expressed that it was the largest TV show in Russia, so more or less just quoting them directly. But appreciate the correction.

  1. Hey there, I once wrote about Savannah to their team the way one would describe some place in a book, recommending them to visit this place for many reasons, they seem to always read things people write for them, and in about a year or less they visited Savannah 🙂 So happy that Savannah, which was mainly known thanks to literature in those countries, was also shown on TV

    • Well Stan we thank your for making such a thoughtful and noble spirited suggestion and I also send appreciation for the benefit it had for me in some manner!

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