Bonaventure Cemetery
Like You’ve Never Seen it or Storied it!


Private & Public Outings Available!

A Top 10 Experience & Award Excellence Winner!

Do your friends find you odd for exploring old cemeteries? Well, consider Shannon Scott your kindred spirit & Bonaventure Cemetery your future addiction!

Bonaventure Cemetery is a very special place, and it takes someone of her wavelength, to help you maximize the frequency of her scenery and stories. Since 1988, Shannon’s made Bonaventure his first thought when wanting to do research, paint, draw, photograph, picnic, you name it, and quite simply, on a touring level, there’s no more personal way to experience the place. His friends are buried there, and one day, he himself aspires to lie down near the eternal rivers.

Bonaventure namedropping is Shannon’s favorite kind. You’ll hear about famed lyricist, Johnny Mercer, and underground cool poet, Conrad Aiken. Maritime hero, Josiah Tattnall III, photographer, Jack Leigh, silent film great Edythe Chapman, childhood celebrity, Little Gracie Watson, composer great, Professor Weigand, and the list goes on! Yet, there’ll be plenty of stories about those who did grand things, but their “fame,” is more measured by their deeds inside of Savannah than on the world stage.

Shannon’s expertise also includes the symbolism, art, architecture & burial traditions of the Victorian Age and other periods so if you’re a visual person who wants to learn more about what you’re seeing in a cemetery, this tour is basically a living classroom!

Stories will prompt a laugh, evoke empathy, awe or even cause the listener to shed a tear. But mostly, Bonaventure the place, and Shannon’s tour will have you coming back for a lifetime!

Private Excursions are tailored to suit your needs & time frame, and are priced accordingly. Due to the large areas of Bonaventure, minimum time is 2 hours. Please Call For More Details.

Public Excursions are 2 hours and generally start at 9am. Bonaventure is prettiest during the Spring & Summer Hours at this time and a great way to beat the heat as well ALL of the other tourists! Also gets you out in time to have an amazing lunch at nearby Sisters of The New South

Advance Purchase Strongly Recommended. Tours Often Sell Out!

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Shannon Bonaventure

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