Bonaventure: After Hours

Bonaventure Gothic After The Gates Lock! 

Great Options For You or Your Unique Group!

Event One: Bonaventure After Hours (Public)

Bonaventure’s Exclusive Event After Hours! – We Hold The Keys…

Bonaventure Cemetery’s exclusive engagement with the twilight & nightfall enchantment hours has returned!

An unparalleled evening event & the coolest way to indulge your Gothic poet side! We don’t want to boast, but if you’re not doing this event, you’re not doing the Number 1 event in Savannah. The old saying is, no visit to Savannah is complete without a visit to Bonaventure! And less than 1% of the population has ever seen it after the gates close for the night! You’re literally locked in the cemetery for 2 hours! And for the right taker, there’s no price you can put on the joy of that! Imagine having the serenity, stillness and quiet of the cemetery, uninterrupted by the living world? A photographer? Just look at our folder here for a sample of what you’ll be able to have bragging rights to!

Stories stretching from present day, all the way back to Bonaventure’s plantation beginnings in 1754! Ranging from the funny & uplifting, to macabre at its most morbid! Topic fare? Covering everything from Savannah’s role in “The DaVinci Code,” (oh you didn’t know?), to a hooch runner for Al Capone, a woman drowned by one man — her hubby put to death for the crime, and the bizarre love story that ended in one murder and one electric chair moment! Fans of “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil?” This is where root doctor, Lady Minerva came to conjure for Jim Williams! Those are just the highlights! If we told you any more we’d have to…ummm…not let you attend! Perfect for friends, your social club, church group, non-profit or anyone looking to do something completely and truly different in Savannah!*

Advance Purchase Strongly Recommended. Tours Often Sell Out!

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Event Two: Dinner & A Cemetery (Private Group Only)


This is an ideal outing for travel professionals, that social club, photography group, naturalist group, church group, non-profit or whatever unique organization is looking for the ultimate out-of-the-box event experience! Part soulful story fare, meets soulful soul-food fare!

Same topic & theme description as you find above in our “After Hours” description, but inclusive of an exhibit dinner in a private dining area near Bonaventure, with a grand display of Victorian antiques reflecting the funerary arts, Savannah’s Secret Society past, and all presented and discussed with your cemetery host with the most, Shannon Scott. Food is provided by’s No. 1 Rated Savannah restaurant, Sisters of The New South. This event is good for 10 to 40 people and can be done in 3 or 4 hour ranges. The Bonaventure aspect is always a minimum of 2 hours, but can be done up to 3 for maximum exploration of the 100 acres. The exhibit dinner is typically 1 hour in length. This event can begin at 5pm or 6pm any night of the week, and by cemetery laws, must end by 8pm. See <spid=”green”>Sister’s Website for information about menu.

PRICING: 2 Hour Cemetery & 1 Hour Exhibit Dinner: $65.00 Per Person

PRICING: 3 Hour Cemetery & 1 Hour Exhibit Dinner: $75.00 Per Person

NOTE: Due to the Exclusive Nature of this event, Tickets For This Event Are Non-Refundable, but may be redeemed at a later date by original purchaser, friend or family. TICKET FEES: If event requires payment by Credit or Debit Card, our ticket vendor does charge online processing fees that vary from $1.00 to $1.50 per ticket, depending on the event. Please note them.



Bonaventure Cemetery: After Hours Slideshow: Shannon’s trip to Savannah was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

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